Gas Separation Technology

Gas separation is a technique used to split up gases, either to separate and purify multiple or single gas components. Axiom’s separation technology is based upon polymer membranes. Applied hollow-fiber membranes are made of a long-term stable aromatic polyimide which is a resistant material against high temperatures and compaction caused by CO2, H2S and hydrocarbons under high pressure.

In the process design, Axiom selects polyimide membrane materials according to the requirements of the customer’s separation process. This ensures that the polyimide with optimal gas selectivity, optimal gas permeance and highest possible resistance is chosen for a given process. Certain membranes can be operated at temperatures as high as 100°C.

Performance benefits

Membrane systems of Axiom feature numerous advantages:

  • low capital investment
  • compact and easy installation
  • easy and fully automated operation
  • flexibility
  • high reliability and very low maintenance
  • easy change of product gas quality
  • low space requirements