Membrane Nitrogen Generators

Axiom offers a full range of nitrogen generators using the latest hollow fiber membrane technology developed in association with membrane manufacturers. Axiom membrane systems have been designed to provide a robust, fully automated and low-cost alternative to cryogenic generators for a wide range of industrial applications.

When choosing a nitrogen generator, several factors need to be taken into consideration including flow rate, required purity, electricity cost and other site-specific criteria. Membrane technology is very cost-effective for producing up to 5000 m³/h at a pressure of up to 350 bar and a nitrogen purity of up to 99.5 %.

As an inert gas, nitrogen is used throughout the world in chemical, oil and gas, pharmaceutical, food industries, etc.

Oil, Gas and Chemical Industry

Membrane systems are ideally suited for the supply of medium or high-pressure nitrogen to oil and gas field applications. Systems are self-contained and are easily transportable. Nitrogen is directly produced at the point of use at the required purity and pressure.


  • oil drilling (underbalanced drilling)
  • well stimulation
  • gas lift
  • enhanced oil recovery
  • inerting of tanks
  • purging
  • blanketing