Carbon – Cycle Economy Demonstration is a flagship project, which focuses on demonstration and coupling of various CO2 capture and CO2 utilization technologies to establish a sustainable and closed carbon cycle. CO2 from various sources is used to produce valuable renewable methane via geo-methanation processes in a pilot scale. Methane is an important carbon-based energy source and it is commercially used as carbon feedstock in several industrial processes. Gaseous energy has a high energy density, it is worldwide transported, stored and distributed via existing infrastructure and thus it appears as appropriate medium to provide energy.

In future, the complete abandonment of methane is hardly conceivable, although considerable CO2 emissions are associated with its consumption. For this reason, it is meaningful to convert CO2 emissions to methane and establish a closed carbon cycle for the energy economy. The carbon cycle should be flexible and capable to store renewable energy in large-volume storage facilities, which is a basic requirement for future energy systems.

In the project axiom focuses on development of separation methods for the provision of CO2 for the methane synthesis. In addition, axiom evaluates the integrability and performance of a new DAC process based upon electrodialysis as means of possible carbon feedstock source for the carbon cycle.

This project is funded by the Austrian Climate and Energy Fund and is carried out under the program „Vorzeigeregion Energie“.