Underground Sun Storage 2030

Underground Sun Storage 2030 is a flagship project that is researching a solution for large-scale seasonal storage of renewable energy. The renewable generated energy will be stored in the form of pure hydrogen (H2) in depleted natural gas reservoirs. Current energy system models predict an overcapacity in supply of electrical power in summertime. In contrast, fewer sunshine hours and low water periods in wintertime will cause power shortages. In a sustainable energy economy this gap cannot be closed by either starting up fossil-fuelled power plants or by electricity imports from neighbouring countries, which are expected to face similar challenges. Hence, there is the need to shift multiple TWh of energy from summertime to wintertime.

axiom’s role covers the development and field demonstration of a new hybrid hydrogen purification process. The system is based upon a combination of membrane and adsorption processes to be operated directly at the gas storage facility.

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This project is funded by the Austrian Climate and Energy Fund and is carried out under the program „Vorzeigeregion Energie“.