Water Treatment

Although the earth is blessed with abundant water resources, the amount that can be used untreated is very limited. Water in many areas of the world contains excessive amounts of minerals or is polluted and is unsuitable for human consumption. Furthermore, rapid worldwide industrial growth increases demand for pure water on one side and production of enormous volumes of wastewater on the other side.

Axiom has more than 20 years of experience in the field of water and wastewater treatment technologies, demand for which has grown in line with increasing environmental problems. Axiom not only offers equipment but also provides concepts tailored to meet specific requirements, based on own developed technologies and well-founded experience in the various fields of environmental protection.

Water treatment technologies provided by Axiom mainly focus on the following processes:

  • flocculation and sedimentation in clarifiers and settling tanks
  • softening
  • filtration in open and closed filters
  • microfiltration/ultrafiltration
  • membrane desalination by reverse osmosis
  • thermal desalination by MSF, MED, MVD
  • demineralisation by ion-exchanger

Our services:

  • project management
  • feasibility studies
  • economic analysis
  • basic and detail engineering
  • turn-key containerized units
  • erection supervision
  • commissioning and start-up
  • operation & maintenance instructions
  • staff training